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Strategic Organizational Development

A key strength of our staff lies in helping organizations develop strategies to increase market share and gain competitive advantage. Sometimes, this is through training opportunities but more often then not, it is about developing processes to fit the organizational culture. 
Through the use of critical analysis tools, we move organizations forward by assisting them in developing strategic direction, identify key issues that affect the long term success of an organization, developing action plans, and, in some cases, identification of resources to bring those action plans to life.
Our organizational development process is designed to identify YOUR strategic strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and develop strategies that will move your organization forward.
Whether it's full blown "strategic planning" or sorting through an issue to identify specific goals and related action plan, we can tailor an organizational development option just for you! Some of our offerings include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Training
  • Facilitating Project Action Teams
  • Creating Project Management Plans
  • Identifying Achievable Outcomes and Related Metrics
  • Harnessing Tacit Knowledge
  • Training and Applying Critical Analysis Tools

Strategic Development Services are designed to bring intelligence forward, organize it, prioritize it, identify resources and make an impact. This may be through a strategic planning process or just focusing on key issues.

Strategic Planning Process

Develop the mission statement Craft the vision statement 1 Conduct SWOT analysis 1 Identify Issues 1 Prioritize the issues and craft goal statements 1 Identify and articulate Core Values 1 Develop Action Plans
Develop organizational mission and vision statements.

The mission and vision statements se the baseline for the organization. With a clearly articulated mission and vision statement, each individual understands the purpose of the organization and where the organization wants to be in five or ten years.

The mission statement answers the question: "Why are we in existence?"

The strategic vision statement answers the question: "What business are we in and where do we want to be in five or ten years?"
Environmental Scan

Using two quality management tools, the organization will be able to identify and prioritize, through a cause and effect relationship, issues affecting the growth of the business. The process focuses on a single question such as: "What issues are we facing to accomplish our vision?"

A comprehensive Environmental Scan requires a thorough analysis of the organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). A SWOT analysis is designed to specifically review and evaluate the performance of the organization. The SWOT answers the questions:
  • "What are our internal strengths (what are we good at) and weaknesses (what do we need to improve on)?"
  • "What are the external opportunities (where can we gain market share) and threats (where do we need to improve) in our business?"
Identify the organizations Core Values, Goals, Objectives.

Goals and objectives set measurable outcomes an organization establishes to implement the strategy of the organizations vision. Goals are established to accomplish the strategy of the organization. Objectives are put in place to meet the established goals.

If you seem like you are spinning your wheels, give us a call. Together we'll develop a strategy to prepare your organization for the future!
Our past clients include:

Center for Research and Innovation . . . creating opportunities through innovation.

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